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Flirty Magnetic Lash

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Why Choose Magnetic Lashes?

Traditional false lashes take forever to put on, are messy, and a total hassle in general. In addition, professional lash extensions, while I love them and they look amazing, they’re SO expensive and risks involve allergy to glue amongst other things.  Besides, who can actually keep up with them anyway?!

Our Magnetic Lash styles range from natural to totally glamorous – all of which will make your eyes pop!

Our Magnetic Lashes Are:

SAFE - Our ingredients are FDA approved and latex-free

EASY - Simply apply the magnetic eyeliner, allow ti dry and the magnetic eyelash will effortlessly "click" into place.

HYPOALLERGENIC - Made of non-irritating ingredients and suitable for all skin and lash types.

SUPERIOR HOLD & ADJUSTABLE -Totally waterproof and smudge-proof. Won't fall off and easy to reposition with the magnetic design

COMFORTABLE - Lightweight, no heavy sagging lashes

MESS FREE & CLEAN -  Requires no glue or other messy substances

REUSABLE & CRUELTY-FREE - Very easy to attach and remove in seconds. Can be reused up to 30 times or more with proper care.

Most importantly, Charm Logic Lashes make your eyes look BEAUTIFUL

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