Magnetic Lash FAQ

Are magnetic eyelashes safe?

            Magnetic lashes are safe. The magnetic eyeliner is made with FDA compliant ingredients. There is no glue or adhesive, instead iron oxide is the major ingredient. The form of iron oxide used is synthetic per FDA regulations so it does not contain the cross contaminants such as ferrous or ferric oxide that would be a cause for concern for any reactions.


How do I apply and remove lashes?

            Use the liquid eyeliner and apply 2 coats, allow to dry about 2-3 minutes then firmly place eyelashes on top of eyeliner.
To Remove: Peel magnetic lashes from eyelid and use a waterproof makeup remover to remove eyeliner from eyelids and from magnets. 


Will they feel heavy?

            These magnetic lashes are very lightweight and do not feel heavy. There may be a noticeable feel to someone not accustomed to wearing falsies at first but it does not take much time to get use to the feeling. Before you know it you won't even notice.

How long do the magnetic lashes last?

            You can wear your magnetic lashes comfortably up to 12 hours. They are sweat proof and the eyeliner is waterproof but we would not recommend swimming wearing these. With proper care our magnetic lashes last between 20-30 wears. Be sure to wipe any residue off the magnets before placing into case for storage..


Can I use mascara?

            Yes, you may apply mascara to your natural lashes before applying your magnetic lashes. This is to avoid your natural lashes becoming stuck to the magnetic lashes. We want to ensure non-damaging application to your natural lashes. We do not recommend applying mascara to the magnetic lashes.


How long until I receive my order?

            Orders are processed within 1-2 business days and then shipping takes 4-7 business days for standard shipping and 2-4 for priority shipping within the USA. International orders may take longer due to customs and different import restrictions.